Emory College Employee of the Year

Award Announcement

The Emory College Employee of the Year award recipient is announced at the Staff Service Awards reception, which usually occurs in mid-August.

Faculty and staff are welcomed to attend.

Emory College Employee of the Year Award Recipients

Year Name Department

Anne Walker


Denese Jester

Human Resources

Frances Campbell

Institute Liberal Arts

Sybil Bridges

Center for the Study of Human Health
2014 Joy Wasson Religion
2013 Ethelrine Ellington Chemistry
2012 Jerry Byrd Environmental Studies
2011 Annie Hall Film & Media Studies
2010 Berky Abreu Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies
2009 Mary Catherine Johnson Visual Arts
2008 Toni Avery Religion
2007 Keith Anthony CHI
2006 Elizabeth Fricker Political Science
2005 Frank Jackson Art History
2004 Jacque Bullard Journalism
2003 Nick Fabian MESAS
2002 Kendall Simpson ILA
2001 Laura Papotto College Administration
2000 Mary Jo Duncanson ICIS
1999 Hope Payne Environmental Studies
1998 Shirley Sabo Anthropology
1997 Jo Taylor College Administration
1996 Lee Ann Lloyd Women's Studies
1995 Maggie Stephens Sociology
1994 Rosalyn Page History