Emory College IT Survey

Emory College IT would like to know what think!

  • How can we efficiently address your IT support needs?

  • What areas can we enhance support?

  • What technical topics would you be interested in learning about?

In order to answers some of the above questions and discover what support enhancements you would like to see we ask that you submit your feedback via the ECCS IT Support Survey.

Click here to launch survey:

ECCS IT Support Survey

Again, thanks for taking the time to respond to this survey and we look forward to your feedback.

Employee of the Year

Employee of the Year Award

The Emory College Employee of the Year (EOY) Award serves to recognize one employee each year for his/her exceptional contribution to Emory College. The winner is selected based on three criteria: job performance, interpersonal skills, and exemplification of the "Emory One" philosophy.

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Mission Statement

The College Staff Consortium (CSC) was created to provide three primary functions:

1.  to pursue concerns of interest to College staff and make recommendations to the Dean of Emory College,

2.  to sponsor programs of interest to College staff,

3.  and to provide a sense of camaraderie among College staff.