History of the College Staff Consortium

The College Staff Consortium was formed in 1982 to give College staff a chance to meet regularly and bring mutual concerns to the attention of the College administration.

The CSC was created to serve three primary functions: to pursue concerns of interest to the College staff and make specific recommendations to the Dean of Emory College, to sponsor programs of interest to the College staff, and to provide a sense of camaraderie among College staff.

An important component of the group is its social function. The luncheon each year and the regular semesterly meetings of the CSC allow interaction among staff members. The Dean meets annually with the College staff at a general meeting to discuss upcoming budgetary concerns and answer general questions. In addition, he meets through the academic year with the Executive Committee to discuss particular concerns in an open forum. One such meeting several years ago resulted in the appointment of an ombudsman for the College administration.

The CSC often interacts with other groups on campus. For example, in the past we have worked with the General Libraries staff group, the President's Commission on the Status of Women, the Transforming Community Project, and the Employee Council. The CSC also compiles important information to share with staff and posts it on the website at least once each semester.  This information includes news that affects College staff, names of new College staff members, and items departments or programs wish to share with staff.

Our goal is to foster good relations among staff, faculty, and the College administration. When staff members perceive that the administration and the faculty feel they are important and respected members of Emory College, they are happier and more productive employees, which benefits the entire Emory community.